encrypted video

With numerous privacy breaches and violations of security threats prevalent 2015, making use of encrypted video streaming is frequently less difficult and prudent compared to downloading the video or music file . There are alot variables associated with reasons behind why some of us need more security in terms of encryption, but alot of it stems from regular people wanting privacy and safety from prying eyes. The point has to be made or realized that even though there are alot of individuals new to computer, we all need to take responsibility to update our knowledge and savvy technologically to better suit our needs .One way to do this is through learning how to stream videos.Tthe use of streaming video, is a far less laborious task compared to downloading the video, primarily because it comes with many different challenges eg( you may download a virus, you dont have the correct media player, you dont have the proper codec)

Sites like rsaplay, conflate security and ease of use by offering its users encrypted video, because it is hard for some users who have trouble downloading videos and music for playback.A salient example is if a user downloads a media file and the computer chooses to save the file somewhere else from where the user is looking.This can be very frustrating , and streaming the content becomes a much more appealing resolution to the problem.There are no downloaded files to find, no location or download folders to remember, streaming the media is as easy as just pressing play

Lets get into detail on how to utilize encrypted streaming video and video encryption.Simply go to the location of the website which offers this capability(Presently there is only one website that offers this RSAplay) .You will be brought there from a link to the media someone has previously uploaded, and when on the website, click on watch.You will have two options, to watch or to download, click on watch, because in order to download you will need to have a premium account.After you click on watch, a video player will pop up on your screen and all you have to do is click play.You have access to a glut of features, play, pause, rewind, fast forward, watch in high definition or standard definition.Another feature that is utilized is called caching, this works to benefit the user streaming the media.Because the file is being played a number of times already, it is rendered faster and will take alot less time than downloading.This is just another advantage of streaming encrypted videos, once the video has already been streamed from the cloud encryption source, the media can be stored in cache and played or streamed faster without the hassle of more connections being made by rsaplay servers

Obviously, none of this can be possible without first being connected to the internet, because that is where the file is going to be streamed from .This might be the only advantage of downloading a media, rather than streaming it. Downloading you need your internet connection for the duration of however long the file takes to complete. After the file has been downloaded, providing you know where to locate it, you can watch the file as many times as you want, with or without and internet connection. Streaming on the other hand, you will need an internet connection at all times, no matter what you want to do, rewind, fast forward etc. Because the file is being controlled or operated on encrypted cloud storage somewhere other than your computer , you will need to have access to that location and the only way to do that most times, is via the internet.
From novices to professionals, streaming video is the future of playback not to mention the advantages it presents to mobile users as well.Visit us soon for a write up which we will present highlights all these facts

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