Encrypted Video Streaming safer than Video Streaming

Video Streaming is most effective and efficient way to disseminate information, and with is ubiquitous prevalence in recent years especially in 2016, where there are many platforms through which you can watch streaming video example, rsaplay, youtube, vimeo and primarily netflix just to name a few are responsible for more than ½ of the world’s internet streaming traffic. So on one hand you have an enormous consumption of the way of taking in media, but you also have so many digital violations interms of crimes being committed, as in phones getting hacked, viruses being sent, traffic being sniffed and intercepting your video, websites being hacked and user content stolen and sold , published illegally or held at ransom. So in anything really, once there is popularity in any area of online, there will always be people/hackers who will be out to reek havoc and create disaccord and anarchy through hacking. That brings us to encrypted video streaming , this is the more secure way of consuming online videos, from movies, clips or even streaming music, anything that can be streamed can be encrypted and distributed in a more secure method which protects not on the content but also the privacy of the uploaders and consumers of the content.

There are many sites out there which can do video streaming , but not many of them can offer true protection,  but some sites can offer true protection , not only through https or ssl for the web portion of the experience , but also protection for the content being uploaded and streaming. This is primarily done, in two ways, and I will go through all the ways in which it is normally done, but will start with the best one first. RSAplay’s method is what I consider  true and safe encrypted video streaming, a user downloads the desktop client unto their device and then selects the content they want to upload and then before the uploading process begins, the file is encrypted with RSA encryption method using 2048 bit key size. After the file is encrypted the media is then uploaded over a secure connection with rsaplay servers to its encrypted storage location, from there the file is ready to be downloaded or streamed.Streaming in encrypted form is quite tricky and very resource intensive process, and making it work glitch free is something that rsaplay does best via decrypting in real time and then streaming.

The other method is in my opinion less secure for reasons I will explain when I get to that section, but a user starts by uploading content in plain format, and then when it reaches the servers it is then encrypted and encoded , and then is ready to be streamed or downloaded. I say this presents a problem because while the content is being uploaded it can be intercepted if the connection between you and the webservers are not totally secure. So my advice is to hear on the side of caution and protect the media before it is uploaded.

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