Encrypted Video Streaming 3 Must -have

Video streaming is second nature and an available to all devices, mobile and stationary, it can be call second nature in how we operate and go about out daily lives. Little do we know the about automagical process of video streaming and the network and technology behind its operation that brings us the wealth of information. There are not many sites of video hosts which offers what I like to call the trifecta of hosting standards. One major trait is the security, this is by far the most important and sought after feature in any aspect of technology, or area of life for that matter, but since we are dealing with technology then we will limit the purview to the web sphere. Security is one of the most important features on the internet space and security through encryption is the most prevalent and safe. For security and privacy, there are is the feature of encrypting your files that are uploaded and downloaded, but none for streaming, which bring us to RSAplay which does encrypted video streaming which is basically, video streaming, with security through encryption. This serves many purposeful uses and some which are inadvertent.The first being that when the data is encrypted it is secure and so if the host server or servers are hacked, the information on them cannot be stolen , or in another example, if the video is being streamed, the information cannot be intercepted because the connection over which the content is being delivered is encrypted so it protects against packet sniffers stealing information. What also happens is that before the video is uploaded the content is encrypted and so unlike regular video hosts, what is being stored on the hosted servers, cannot be seen by the administrators of the website or if disaster happens and the website is hacked, the videos cannot be stolen by the hackers. After security, the next important item of the trifeca is features. I believe that a viable website or host, should always be developing new and exciting features and staying current without compromising security and up-time. Of course no one sensible expects a glut of new features and the risk of the site performing poorly, but sites like RSAplay, whose main entry point into the market is security and anonymity through encryption has a myriad of features which encompasses this revolutionary idea that security is paramount and merging security through encryption makes for every more enjoyable features. The last but not least of the trifecta is the uptime or availability statistic.No one like when their favorite website is down, or any website for that matter. We live in an age where we want things instantly and any inconvenience to us getting what we want at the acceptable speed we want isn’t good.

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