Encrypted Video in the Cloud

Encrypted Video Streaming is new thus in it’s incipient stages , and it was invented because of the need for privacy , but its predecessor online streaming is been around for many many years, and hasn’t had much invention introducing novelty to this space,until now. We will look at and discuss cloud video encryption, and what it is. So what is cloud video encryption ? From a simplistic point of view or a high level explanation it is just the encoding , encrypting and decryption on the fly for delivery through streaming, all forms of media.
Why cloud video encryption and why in today’s day and age? We will tackle answering this question on three platforms types, computers, mobile and televisions, but let us be clear, there are many many more formats in which encrypted videos can be viewed., the movie theater, planes etc. Lets first talk about delivery to computing platform, the main delivery platform for cloud video encryption would be rsaplay.com, they have been the dominant player in the market offering this type of service with robustness, great design, lots of space and bandwidth .For other types of sites, as the time of this write up there are no known competitive applications offering the same type of service. For delivery to mobile, again the forerunner is rsaplay, as it offers delivery to mobile technology as well. For televised delivery, we know that there are networks which have the ability to encrypt and deliver their content in unencryted format decrypting on the fly as well.

So for whom is the technology for and marketed to? Well this being a two part question, lets take it step by step shall we. Cloud encryption is for anyone, who requires peace of mind that their video and or music requires security and maximum privacy. For companies that require 100% privacy, where no one can view their content except anyone with the RSA key to decrypt the data. For individuals who want to share media and need that guarantee that only intended eyes are able to view or listen.In my experience I have seen cloud video encryption marketed to anyone, companies, individuals who in today’s day and age require privacy

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