encrypted video and torrent streaming

With encrypted video streaming, set to take over unsecured version of streaming which is video streaming, there are quite a few nifty features which are now being cloaked and ensconced in the safe arms of encryption. The main feature which we will be looking at today is Encrypted torrent streaming. This is the more secure, encrypted and safer way to stream which provides anonymity, security with equaling performance to the less secure version.Now RSAplay houses a platform which hybrids these two amazing technological efforts.In today’s world where everything is on-demand, and customers require content on multiple platforms, from smartphone, to iPad to desktops and not to mention these platforms use different software or operating systems, it is hard to cater to everyone.But with immersion of HTML5  into the market,there is no longer a need for software based players, but now to accommodate mobile technologies HTML 5 is here to the rescue.Streaming torrents over encrypted source is different from the technology which is being discussed here, we are talking about end to end encryption over which torrents are decrypted on the fly and streamed.Of course this type of technology is new and in its beta phase, but the entire internet is moving to all things encryption

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