encrypted streaming -part 1

The technology we will be discussing today, isn’t something new. It provides continuous data stream, and is a convenient way for everyone to distribute and gain information, opposed to other measures of getting information , encrypted video streaming provides a simplistic way for information dissemination. Encrypted methods of streaming , also affords security, privacy and storage efficiency, because alot of space is saved as you do not have to store the media. For film makers and producers, it is the way of the future to offer encrypted streaming which can introduce a new revenue stream(pardon the pun) for those content providers.
Encrypted streaming is relatively new to the market , because until recent years, after the advent of streaming technology became ubiquitous , primarily due to the influx a of broadband connections and the decrease in price of internet line, the encrypted portion of streaming video was always an enigma. You see streaming methodologies exists and are fairly stable, likewise encryption methods and standards have been around for years , but merging the two to produce both quality playback and smooth user experience proved difficulty. So data can be upload and encrypted, and uncrypted data can be streamed , but to stream encrypted data,meant that from the encrypted storage to the end users platform the cipher data would need to decrypted on the fly. Thank fully, engineers have found a way to accomplish this task and cloud video encryption site like rsaplay are utilizing the technology to bring security,privacy with convenience of information distribution together. Streaming has become extremely popular , thanks to sites, like youtube, spotify, and soundcloud. You would find it interesting to know that streaming , never started with video, it was with music , where it raked in over 2.9 billion dollars in 2014.

The technology used in video streaming has advanced quite remarkably, and ofcourse their had to be leaders who adopted the technology to help propel the awareness, and being the early adoptors of the new technology these companies would be watched and scrutinized as if it worked , others would then follow. Many technologies have been the forefront of consumer usage, and as such encrypted streaming have had to invent new ways to be viewed. A prime example is the modern day cellular phone, it doesnt work like a computer which uses flash to view video media, so a new tech was formed, HTML5. Specially made for mobile devices, and to replace flash and silverlight.

Online Video Platform(OVPs), which is a media delivery provider(they are the people responsible for normalizing the platform model of user uploads, convert, and playback content online) and other user generated content sites, influenced streaming technology adoption. A fitting example is in the early 2000’s when Microsoft’s silver light players was introduced, it was not supported by OVP, until some time after commencing its adoption .As we spoke about earlier when new technologies are invented, if a well known company or widely used platform is using it, there will certainly be advancement in how that technology is received and adopted.

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