Converting Encrypted Videos

Most gadgets(camcorders, digital camera) on the market today, will store your images and videos either in MOV or WMV format. The problem with this is that these formats are not compatible with other video players or embedded video players(used for streaming , playing content in your browser) without proper codecs, and thus presents us with our problem. The easiest solution to this problem is to convert the videos into a format widely accepted by software and web based players.
There are host of available convertors on the market, some free, and others paid versions, all can be found by just a simple search in google. But while this solution exists, a much more convenient and just as effective and efficient course of action , is to convert your videos online. There are are number of website out there that does this as well, but not a lot that converts, your video in a secure manner. Encrypted video poses a secure and private way to convert your media, and rsaplay offers the perfect online solution. Not only can you convert your videos which can be played across all software media, mobile devices and online players all securely, but it will also convert your videos in HD- high definition format at different rates, 204p,440p, 720p and 1080p .Anyone, anytime on any device can now be afforded the possibility of playing. Streaming high definition videos and music from the comfort of any device.
Simply go to , you will have to create an account , because from the password you generate for your account, your 2048bit RSA keys will be created .After this you will have 2 options, you can use the web interface to convert and upload files or you can use the JAVA based client app to convert any media and upload as well.

Here are a few benefits why you should convert your media.

1) Converting your files are an effective and efficient way to have your media playable across different platforms. Along with cross platform/software compatibility, using the converted video makes the video more malleable and as such many different features, styles and special effects such as Embossing, Gray and Negatives can be applied to converted video to give is a more ancient, and archaic feel. Adding and managing subtitles become easy, extracting audio, video separately. Because the video is more ductile, for editing purposes one can analyze and preview each frame individually and work frame by frame, adding effects which will help to make more stunning finished product. The benefits are there even for the end users are they are able to also , adjust settings to their liking so the viewing experience is more enjoyable .i.e setting brightness,contrast,saturation and even the volume. Rsaplay allows you to download these converted movies to store locally, but if you don’t have any space feel free to use it as a backup solution.

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