Cloud Security

In my last write up about the security, cloud video encryption and encrypted video streaming and its importance, I touched on the different ways to protect your data, some pros and cons and some of the technology behind the best practice. Alot of clients I converse with everyday are interested in data protection and really how can they be informed as much as possible when they are going to choose a cloud based service which offers end to end encryption or encrypted video streaming or any of the many popular terms sites use these days to ganar users, but in reality, the only encryption they have is the SSL certificate they bought from commodo or godaddy .
We have spent many articles talking about how the security and encryption is used to protect your data from point A (your home computer or device) to point B(our servers).We’ve talked about how there are two ways this can be done, from the browser, which is 100% secure for premium users but the drawback to this is that the media is not stream-able, only able to be downloaded by all premium users with the RSA key (This process applies to our web browser upload, FTP upload, and remote upload). When uploading via the browser the upload process is not 100% secure as the content itself is in a raw format and encoded as such, but is encrypted before it reaches our servers to be stored in replicas. The final uploading capability that is offered is via the java client application. This is the preferred and most recommend method of upload, because it affords 100% security and is stream-able as well and is place on encrypted cloud storage

So weve reviewed what we have been chronicling all this time, so lets now touch on storage. There are a few major concerns clients have when this topic is broached and the major ones are :

a)What happens when your servers are hijacked and hackers get access to your storage in the cloud?
b)When you have disgruntled employees and they turn rouge and start maliciously trying to compromise and circumvent the system?
c)The ever present possibility that the FBI will raid your servers ?

In the extremely unlikely situation that our servers are compromised and unauthorized access is gained, the beauty is that all clients data is 100% encrypted and cant be decrypted unless they have your rsakey , which is only known by the client and is not stored on the server.

On RSAplay, there are protocols to who has access and the type of access they have to the servers.But in the event that a system administrator start acting maliciously, because our infrastructure is in the cloud and data is not only stored in replicas but also backup externally, our recovery process will be minimal at-least, and your data remains secure in all circumstances .

Because our business model protects us again liability in the DMCA process, we still have a responsibility to adhere to all take-down request, and we will do so with the utmost or urgency in every situation, so there will be no need for a raid by the FBI or any government organization.

In all of the above mentioned situations, the only way to protect users data and guarantee privacy is to encrypt encrypt encrypt, this not only prevents breeches but embarrassment for everyone involved. Thankfully RSAplay, Encrypted Video Streaming solution to all security issues.

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