Cloud Infrastructure

Irrespective of the stability and aged existence of cloud computing or cloud video encryption, in today’s IT world its sudden prevalence is new. We all hear about the cloud, everything is in the mysterious and mystifying environment that gives off a certain awe inspiring feeling when you tell your friends about it .From personal computing to companies with large scale IT environments , everyone is directly or indirectly connected to , or using the cloud. The cloud not only provides a IT infrastructure that is stable and reliable, but also offers speedy deployments, lower operational cost as well as lowers the needed start up capital which was necessary to start a business which required computer systems. Gone are the days when businesses have to worry about departing with large sums of cash to purchase IT equipment with only a 3 year shelf life.

Hosting an IT infrastructure in the cloud can offer efficient scalaability, and stability, for all types and size businesses ( search engines, email hosting, encrypted streaming video), ranging from small to mid size. Capital injection can be extremely problematical and costly when designing and setting up a robust and stable network environment. From expensive firewalls, laodbalancers to dedicated servers , switches and routers . Within a cloud environment, you can have your cake and guess what? Eat it too. Using the cloud will not only negate the need for huge capital to start a business, it will also allow you to have the same technologies as you did with dedicated hardware on a prorated basis, meaning, you can setup your firewalls, loadbalancers, servers switches all for zero start up price and pay only for what you use.

A salient feature in the cloud computing space is the par-per-use as I referred to above, where any and everyone only pays for what they use. But this is only one of the options for cost savings the cloud environment offers.It has even more reduced savings for clients who commit to using their infrastructure, the longer you use it the more savings you are likely to see. One such environment which is probative to the smoothness and efficiency with which the cloud operates is RSAplay , a website for sharing personal and private video in an encrypted format. In an exclusive unpublished interview is was explained by the CTO that, it was a no brainer for the company to move to cloud simply from a numbers standpoint. Ms.Reid further explained that since using a cloud infrastructure the ratio of IT costs versus ROI (retrun on investment) that there has been and appreciable increase in profits.

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