Benefits of Video Streaming with RSAplay

Video Streaming with RSAplay

There are a myriad of websites offering streaming services but your choice on which to use should always be an educated and informed one that are not only willing, but are capable of doing and keeping all the promises of services they offer. Encrypted  video streaming ,  audio streaming , torrent streaming are just a few of the ways in which many users can enjoy the functionalities this site has to offer. Encrypted video streaming is video streaming done securely, it involves more than just have a video streaming website and slapping on an SSL cert and access via https. Don’t get me wrong, I am not decrying https, it is very useful, but SSL just secures the connection between your device and the webserver or webservers. The encrypted side of things done properly can be really complicated, but what happens is when a file is chosen to be uploaded, it is encrypted even before reaching the rsaplay servers, and connection security provided by the SSL cert on all servers all communication to be un-tampered  when being sent back and forth. The encrypted file is then uploaded to our servers for streaming where it resides in encrypted storage hardware even when being played. This occurs because on the fly, developers have artfully used code logic and a bit of magic to make this happen, so end-users see no irregularities, or distinguishable features when a video player is streaming normal videos versus encrypted .The next is audio streaming, and much like video files, the audio file is uploaded , and sits in encrypted form (RSA 128) on our encrypted storage devices, and decrypted on the fly and streamed .Last but not least we have a feature soon to be released along with many more, is torrent streaming. We believe that this feature will be very impactful to many users with respect to its functionality and ease of use and portability. Torrents as we all should know is the number one way for users to get data, and accounts for more than 60% of  global internet traffic, so we believe torrent streaming feature is a step in the right direction for us. How this would would is either on the mobile, desktop or web application, you would click on the torrent section of the media gallery, and there you will be asked to enter the torrent file of the media you want to stream(this is important, because unless is it in a streamable state, then it cannot be played, meaning, it has to be either video, or music.)After you enter the URL to the torrent, our servers go out check the relevant information , starts downloading the file and while downloading, then encodes and then encrypts the media.

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