Applications in the Cloud

The migration to the cloud is prevalent , and its benefits clearly apparent. Purely from statistical analysis, the reason for moving your business to the cloud is overwhelming, your applications are more stable, they operate faster and more efficiently, deployments are faster, and for most, the best reason of all, it is cheaper. Anyone can take advantage of the cloud and video cloud encryption, but it is most enticing to companies in need of vast computing power, and running critcal desktop and mobile applications such as CRM (customer relationship management), HR and accounting apps offered as SaaS (software as a service).

We will now touch on some of the benefits surrounding the cloud and it’s infrastructure. The technology which surrounds a cloud environment inherently facilitates HA (high availability) for processing, storage,networking and affords ease of use for setting up complex environments on demand. From running general batch processing software to complex custom-made applications such as RSAplay, used for encrypted video streaming. By using cloud infrastructure companies are afforded 24/7 accessibility to their data , applications and computing functionality from anywhere via a VPC(virtual private cloud) or publicly over the internet. Another advantage we have because of cloud computing is that hardware(storage, cpu, memory) costs and start up capital needed has gone down significantly and in some cases e sponged or delayed for up to a year..

There are many nifty and extremely useful cloud computing applications, and Saas lead the space in popularity. What is Saas? Software as a Service is any application where processing is done, but none of that processing is done on the clients computer, all the hard work is done in the cloud. Such cloud computing applications are various photo editing software where you would do online cropping, re-sizing,rotating as well as adding special effects. You also have sites which offer services to convert your media into different formats, sites to make edit and convert documents into pdf format, and even sites which host your email and act as your email server, taking the hassle out of setting it all up and making necessary configuring. It is even used as a host for media offering cloud encrypted storage, youtube and vimeo.
One of the most ubiquitous applications using the cloud is video host, where users upload popular video, documentaries, music or even movies for shared playback in the browser on various platforms, mobile or desktop. Most host offer unencrypted video hosting, users upload their video content, private or public and it is stored, download and play in unencrypted format. This of-course, is unsafe, not only does the administrators of the web host you are using have untethered access to your files to download and spread at their discretion but if the host is hacked or compromised during uploading of the files, it can be intercepted and your content purloined. But thankfully, RSAplay is one website cloud application which not only encrypts your media for you , before or during uploading of your content. When your media is uploaded, it is stored in its encrypted state with RSA 2048 bit private and public key pair. When the media is streaming, RSAplay developers have engineered a clever way to decrypt and stream video and music on the fly.See more about cloud applications from the video below.

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