Private Cloud

All the talk and fuss is about the cloud, from hugh tech companies to individuals. But it is infrequent that we hear about private cloud. What is the private cloud, how does it work and where do I get one? What is this mysterious private cloud?The actual terminology private cloud means to utilize a SaaS( a software as service ) infrastructure. Which means all the hardware and network infrastructure is hosted remotely in a datacenter and managed by a service provider and offering a service internally as a private cloud environment. Rsaplay is a company that does offer private cloud video encryption services for users and companies

Lets look at the benefits shall we.One of the biggest advantages of being in the private cloud is all the benefits of the cloud as we know it and have spoken about before merged with privacy, and complete control. You not only have dedicated equipment, but full control over your environment, a prime example of this is amazon VPC , this is more Iaas(Infrastructure as a Service), so users can setup their own cloud environment using shared hardware, or for a bit more money get dedicated hardware .In the cloud you get shared environment to use and operate in when dealing with Saas, but as we mentioned in the private cloud setting you get your own hardware, you control the access list, what goes in , what goes out, how it looks, certain specifications, what are default actions, and most importantly, because you have you own hardware, you get to build vitalized infrastructure if you wish.

Another major compelling advantage of private cloud is that your use of hardware resources, cpu power, memory and on network resources bandwidth both in and out etc. The capacity of all those metrics are much greater than when you are in the public cloud, so scalability is much promising and feasable. But there is a draw back,yes the cloud is more efficient, elastic, more stable and cheaper, but private cloud to run your own hardware, is really pricey. The cloud infrastructure model works because all the resources are shared and thus there is a greater subsidy.

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