Private Video sharing

We are now ¾ of way through the year 2016 and more and more is security becoming a paramount concern not only for online businesses and websites, but also for the users of the website and patrons. Encrypted video streaming is the best and most secure way to protect users on video streaming, video sharing and private video sharing sites. With websites like RSAplay, the site encompasses broad spectrum security and so its users , owners and anyone involved can rest assured that their privacy is well thought about and protected via a number of means. RSAplay, boast that it offers one of the most secure and private web experiences on the internet, from its SSL encrypted website which offers users safety and security when browsing their web content or for any transaction which is being carried out, for example, purchasing of premium account or withdrawing money from the affiliate programs on the site. There is also instant encryption which can be done before any content is uploaded , which offers 100% security from eavesdropping or ISP snooping. This also protects against pilfering of the media being uploaded from internal parties of the company, such as the administrators or owners. It should also be noted that any media encrypted can be decrypted on the fly enabling video streaming process to still be fulfilled even on encrypted media.


Video Streaming and TV Networks

Streaming services have been around forever, and though it is still not as secure as encrypted video streaming, there are a lot of video services which utilize this technology. Video streaming first got introduced through DVD media and digital downloads which were being offered by movie companies which were used to promote another movie of visual interest. But throughout the years as the internet speeds got faster and more and more videos became more mobile friendly, services like NETFLIX and AMAZON who a titans in this market space, started investing a lot of cash into private developing their own content and giving the archaic TV network a lot of competition. Although there is a lot of competition and the online streaming services seem to be winning, the dinosaur TV networks are not going away easily, because recently, TV giants like Verizon have since rolled out the own brand of video streaming service, and also have made sure that it is available to users on mobile devices with their own proprietary apps.

When it comes to video streaming, there has to be something that’s standing out about your service. The service has to be different, for example, NETFLIX stands out by having content that appeals to millennials like their award winning TV series house of cards and other hits that can only be viewed on Netflix. There are however other streaming services which are catching up, for example amazon’s platform offers the golden globe wining drama BOSCH and comedy Catastrophe. So it is with even encrypted video streaming services , there has to be a distinguishing factor which compels users to use the service .Even though there are not many websites that employ the features of an encrypted video streaming the security feature alone won’t be as compelling to drive users to change from video streaming services.

This is why sites like RSAplay have a committed team of developers on hand ready to implement new and exciting features daily. From specific website streaming ability, to encrypted torrent streaming, it is these new features which will keep customers happy and coming back as well as new users rolling in daily. And because of the smaller size of RSAplay compared to Amazon, or Netflix, it has the ability to develop and roll out feature on a much shorted basis. There are also a number of features which are set to be deployed on RSAplay’s platform, so stay  tuned.

encrypted video and torrent streaming

With encrypted video streaming, set to take over unsecured version of streaming which is video streaming, there are quite a few nifty features which are now being cloaked and ensconced in the safe arms of encryption. The main feature which we will be looking at today is Encrypted torrent streaming. This is the more secure, encrypted and safer way to stream which provides anonymity, security with equaling performance to the less secure version.Now RSAplay houses a platform which hybrids these two amazing technological efforts.In today’s world where everything is on-demand, and customers require content on multiple platforms, from smartphone, to iPad to desktops and not to mention these platforms use different software or operating systems, it is hard to cater to everyone.But with immersion of HTML5  into the market,there is no longer a need for software based players, but now to accommodate mobile technologies HTML 5 is here to the rescue.Streaming torrents over encrypted source is different from the technology which is being discussed here, we are talking about end to end encryption over which torrents are decrypted on the fly and streamed.Of course this type of technology is new and in its beta phase, but the entire internet is moving to all things encryption

Encrypted Video Streaming 3 Must -have

Video streaming is second nature and an available to all devices, mobile and stationary, it can be call second nature in how we operate and go about out daily lives. Little do we know the about automagical process of video streaming and the network and technology behind its operation that brings us the wealth of information. There are not many sites of video hosts which offers what I like to call the trifecta of hosting standards. One major trait is the security, this is by far the most important and sought after feature in any aspect of technology, or area of life for that matter, but since we are dealing with technology then we will limit the purview to the web sphere. Security is one of the most important features on the internet space and security through encryption is the most prevalent and safe. For security and privacy, there are is the feature of encrypting your files that are uploaded and downloaded, but none for streaming, which bring us to RSAplay which does encrypted video streaming which is basically, video streaming, with security through encryption. This serves many purposeful uses and some which are inadvertent.The first being that when the data is encrypted it is secure and so if the host server or servers are hacked, the information on them cannot be stolen , or in another example, if the video is being streamed, the information cannot be intercepted because the connection over which the content is being delivered is encrypted so it protects against packet sniffers stealing information. What also happens is that before the video is uploaded the content is encrypted and so unlike regular video hosts, what is being stored on the hosted servers, cannot be seen by the administrators of the website or if disaster happens and the website is hacked, the videos cannot be stolen by the hackers. After security, the next important item of the trifeca is features. I believe that a viable website or host, should always be developing new and exciting features and staying current without compromising security and up-time. Of course no one sensible expects a glut of new features and the risk of the site performing poorly, but sites like RSAplay, whose main entry point into the market is security and anonymity through encryption has a myriad of features which encompasses this revolutionary idea that security is paramount and merging security through encryption makes for every more enjoyable features. The last but not least of the trifecta is the uptime or availability statistic.No one like when their favorite website is down, or any website for that matter. We live in an age where we want things instantly and any inconvenience to us getting what we want at the acceptable speed we want isn’t good.

Video Streaming, the past, encrypted video streaming, the future

As the internet and its usage become more and more saturated by more by people finding new things to do in cyber world, it is certainly prevalent that video streaming or more securely encrypted video streaming have counted for a large portion of that increase,streaming to cellphones, desktops and mobile devices.

The advent of streaming is nothing new, it has been happening for decades, but the main issue with streaming to these devices is that they are streaming in plain, unencrypted format which is subject to hackers to eavesdrop and steal content, or if the host server gets hacked, many videos are leaked and in the hands of unscrupulous people.

In this article, I will be discussing, video streaming and more specifically embedding streaming content to blogs, devices etc, so my focus will be on the secure options which exist when it comes to secure or encrypted video streaming embeddable content.

In general , most websites and hosting platforms will all stream its content in plain, http or unencrypted format. This is primarily because to stream encrypted video is computationally, and cpu intensive, so to have a lot of user connected to your webserver and streaming at once, can be a major problem for the systems administrators because of high server load. So because of this, streaming in plain format is much more attractive and cost efficient especially for starting business projects, and even if the website is protected via HTTPS(hyper text transfer protocol secure), the video streaming will most certainly be transmitted in RTP or HTTP HLS format. But for recent events, the Information Technology sector was accepting of the standard that streaming content be done in plain format to end users, and encryption for streaming and video storage was nothing of mention-able importance and for security, the industry didnt care much if all their was for protection was permission based .

With RSAplay, you can upload videos and they are streamed in encrypted format to your device on any platform, operating system and also through embed players. With RSAplay you have the option of not only streaming content with RSA2048 bit key strength to devices and embeddable players, but also store your videos with the similar encryption strength and not have it encoded on which will save not only on upload time, but you can use the host as a storage solution for backup purposes.

There are also a host of features which are being introduced and to be released soon, they are torrent streaming in encrypted format, so encrypted torrent streaming will now be available from desktop or mobile devices.

Site to site delivery where only if a user uploads a video , then that video can only be played on the site or sites that user authorizes it to be played on.

Watermarking is also a huge area of concern for many users, and so RSAplay is also developing a feature that will enable users to watermark their video content so that if it is stolen or pirated, then they will be able to get recognition,.

Video Streaming and DMCA

What RSAplay is about is introducing security, ease of use,privacy and a plethora of features to the public audience. For encrypted video streaming and video streaming, accreatively becoming the number one source for video and audio playback on the internet. When it comes to security, it is a very very important detail which users actively try to find out more about a video streaming host before actually signing up or uploading a single file. In my days as a rsaplay support personnel, I cannot begin to explain, how many users connected the live chat to ask about the measures put in place to bolster their security, and bolster the security of the campus itself. For example, users would wasn’t to know how do we deal with DMCA claims, how do we deal with false request, where are our servers and what does one d when a false take down notice has been issued and complied with, how does the file become active again. For DMCA infringement requests received they will be disabled withing 24 hrs of receipt of that request for any infringing video streaming or encrypted video streaming content. For false requests, then after a complaint has been lodged against the offernder, he/she/company will have 24hrs, to explain the allegations made, and rescind their right have content removed. If the offender cannot produce legitimate reasons and is found to be operating malicious in intent, then they and their network will be banned. Some may say well the reasons for choosing a video host like rsaplay is to store pirated or lascivious content. We beg to differ, because even though the media is hidden from anyone unless you choose to share it, once it is shared and it is reported, the offending user is warned and the content removed and title is blacklisted to prevent future offenses. Now there are some who wish to store legal private videos, homemade films, or films for which a legal document is had for being in possession of the media content.

Video Streaming Bandwidth

Quite frequently I get a lot of questions about the cost of bandwidth when operating a video streaming or encrypted video streaming platform. It is no secret I believe that encrypted video streaming services will certainly be more resource intensive (CPU, Memory and Disk Speed etc) because of the encryption and decryption which goes on the fly in real time when video streaming or streaming music that is in encrypted form over the internet. But when it comes to bandwidth consumption, how much does streaming sites consume? Is it possible to determine, how much bandwidth will it use when watching that TV show series, whether from your mobile device or on a desktop computer.

In reality the answer to the question can vary in complexity , it can be determined by using either complex equation or using a really simple methodology. But unfortunately the answer will vary based on the size of the video you are watching and the quality, encrypted or non-encrypted really doesn’t affect bandwidth consumed on the end users side. So lets take things in its most elemental form.

Before we get into things, there is a common misconception which must be disavowed, because many people think that because they are streaming and not downloading, that the bandwidth consumption is somehow less, or non-existent. For SD (standard definition) videos say is 100mb in size and duration is 30mins, and HD(high definition) is 300mb and is 60mins long. If the video size is consumed in SD in its entirety then the bandwidth used on the end-users size is exactly the size of the video streamed and if it is in HD then the bandwidth used by the user is 300mb .For the streaming host it is calculated the same but it is multiplied by how many times the video is watched by different users or even the same user.

This calculation can be repeated for any number of videos or music which is indicated as being streamed by the number of times they have been played by the end users and then calculate that for each day and then multiply it all together for all the days of the month to determine the monthly consumption for your streaming video host. Ofcourse there are many variables to take into account, for example , some hosts only record unique video streams, so even thought, one ip address may stream the content multiple times, it wont be recorded, so you wont get a true representation of how much bandwidth is actually being consumed. You can also get complicated, because some come host use caching servers in front of their CDN(content delivery network) and so streams may not be counted because the server isnt being hit up for request for service, because the caching server may just answer, and offer up the content requested. So unless there is some sort of bandwidth monitoring application, then complex infrastructure setups such as this would be difficult to determine how much bandwidth is being consumed.

Video Streaming Features

What makes it all worthwhile for anyone to upload their personal files and trust that the host provider offering video streaming and encrypted video streaming service that they are entrusting with their content will uphold its end of the agreement which attracted you to them in the first place. The main attractive feature for most users selecting a streaming hosting platform in 2016 is security. Many choose encryption for that security because it is proven and ubiquitous, thus presenting the safest and most efficient measure of security. But what other features are there which users are looking for that will put a video streaming host head and shoulders over the other hosting providers.

Unlimited bandwidth is key, because many users have very fast internet connection and thus can upload and download at amazing speeds, so being with a host that doesn’t throttle their connection speed is key especially, if they are fulltime uploaders and have a lot of files to upload daily.

Having desktop software available for users, is another key feature of great import for users, primarily with the avid uploders because as mentioned before they have gigabytes upon gigabytes of files to upload daily. So avid uploaders are looking for efficiency as well, so they can select a bunch of files to be uploaded and then have it all go through uploaded to their account and encrypted and converted without any further interaction by the user, so a desktop software or FTP compatible host is paramount.

The host should also allow encrypted video streaming to prevent piracy but also allow embedded links , so that content can be uploaded, and then embed code given back for each uploaded video/media so that it can be placed on the uploaders website so that their users can watch from their site. Also a very important feature is that of specified sites, which works by an uploaders inputting specified authorized sites that files they upload can only be played. This is a very important feature because many uploaders spend a lot of time uploading content and there are others who steal their uploaded content and post it on their own site, so having a feature which allows embed links to be played only on specified sites is extremely important.

Generous storage is also important for video streaming hosts to have because files have gotten bigger and bigger over the years due to quality of the playback increasing, so a site has to offer a lot of free storage for free users to at least try the service to see if they like it, and then enough for it to be worthwhile for them to upgrade their account to premium member.

Video streaming is very important service and is becoming more and more intricate to the way society consumes entertainment, so the site offering encrypted video streaming should also be mobile friendly, so that users can have the functionality they do on a desktop on the go using their phone, ipad or laptop for example

Video Streaming Sophistication

While there are not many sophisticated streaming platforms which are able to directly deliver to TV directly in terms of video streaming except maybe NETFLIX, HULU and a few others, but there are none that are doing encrypted video streaming directly to TV. Video Streaming has become so prevalent that there are a number of companies buy a streaming media script and then promote the it as a business and then users gravitate to it and the experience is bad, for a myriad of reasons, from latency, slow upload speeds, lack of features,  poor video quality or constant down time.

In the year 2016 the way the public consumes information and entertainment is changing, it went from having to go home at a particular time to watch your favorite TV show, movie or broadcast , but this prove a grave inconvenience for a lot of people and with that need the invention of the DVR was born, no longer were we restricted to the time constraint of broadcast schedule because we could simply set our handy device to record whenever we wanted whatever we wanted. But this solution presented many complications to users because it could get expensive to rent and also because it was a device it has an encrypted storage it was limited, so if you had many TV shows, movies or broadcast set to record, it could run out of space fairly quickly and if you opted for a device with a bigger size hard drive then you would have the same problem eventually, and in addition you would have a higher cost to pay for the DVR with more space. Now those same end users, or consumers are now doing what is called binge watching, no longer are we a) restricted by time when any broadcast starts b)  having to worry about prerecording and running out of storage, there are many sites where your content will stay for a long time some even offer unlimited storage for a small fee and you can watch your TV shows all day long.

It is also important to remember that while video streaming a security risk in associated inherently because the protocol is using unencrypted methods of transmission to deliver content to device of the end-users.  Its is always better to go with a service which offers encrypted video streaming because it not only guarantees the end users privacy and anonymity, it offers the same speed and sometimes even more features that a lot of the sites and services which do regular video streaming. This is even more important for many users who ISP(Internet Service Provider) does pack sniffing or spies of what their customers are downloading , so to protect your privacy it is always better to choose your ISP well, but if you don’t have much of a choice there are companies, like RSAplay which does protect the channels transmission through encryption and also protect the media it is transmitting with RSA 2048bit public and private key which is decrypted on the fly to offer an extremely safe and private experience.

Is encrypted Streaming Needed?

Video Streaming is the process of sending compressed content over a network infrastructure and that content is then displayed on the other end of the network on the viewers computer in real time, that is a high level representation of what is happening when video is streaming and that network can be LAN(local area Network) or WAN(Wide area network) which would be indicative of the internet. With encrypted video streaming the process works the same way but instead of the content being in plain of raw compressed format, content is encrypted and is then compressed for delivery across the network.

While there are other technologies that are responsible for a lot of the Internets traffic, the primary one being torrents which account for over 10% of the Internets traffic, it has dropped significantly over the years because of the rise and prevalence of video streaming. This form of consuming information from videos, movies, educational material has really becoming a driving force and cause for information on demand. Wherever and whenever video material can be access from whatever device and platform you are on, and all that is needed is a device with an internet connection., from sites like netflix, hulu, and youtube, all these media giants house billions of content which are at their users disposal. With this form of video delivery there are many other services that use this method to deliver private content , but this comes at a risk to the end user, because the content maybe illegal and because the channels of delivery is unsecure, then content can be sniffed and intercepted. Now there is a even more secure form of streaming is encrypted video streaming, so when a user is watching private content it cannot be sniffed and content stolen or even better, the ISP that is providing internet connection cannot spy on the traffic and see what the user is streaming. While there are not many services available for this form of streaming, but with all the breach in secure and need for privacy in today’s world, and with streaming services responsible for using of 60% of the Internets traffic the need for services that provide encryption to protect users privacy and anonymity are becoming more necessary.

With streaming video and encrypted video streaming gaining rise in popularity over the years , ofcourse with abuse and violations against legal content providers like Paramount, and DefJam, just to name a few, pertinent legal concerns will be raised because while streaming has become more easy to consume , pirated content also becomes more easy to ubiquitous. This is noticed a lot in googles takedown per month numbers growing to astronomical digits. With more and more features to be added to the roster of the most popular encrypted video streaming service available, we can expect a drastic rise in traffic as rsaplay does offer a service which we all can see ourselves using.With a mobile app release scheduled, encrypted torrent streaming being added and desktop application launching this week, lets stay tuned and watch as this needed service become a household name.

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